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British Groceries

Ames British Foods

Ames British Foods is now part of the Mucky Duck Pub.  We still have your favorite British groceries for sale and some of the gift items from the old store.   However, due to space limitations, many of the tea pots have had to go, sadly!  We no longer do on-line mail order, however, our standard stock items and seasonal stock items are listed below so please call or e-mail with your order or any questions.  We do have a small on-line store selling mostly Mucky Duck merchandise and gift cards – click on the Online Shop link for more information.

Mucky Duck Pub / Ames British Foods
3100 S Duff Ave
Ames, IA 50010
(515) 598-5127 / info@amesbritishfoods.com

Please note, if we are busy when you call we may ask for your number and then Marcus will call you back – this may not be until the next day.  Thanks for your patience!

British groceries are available for purchase during normal pub hours.  For better service we recommend avoiding times when the restaurant will be busy, for example, Monday and Friday nights.  If you plan on buying a lot of items then feel free to contact us first so we can arrange for Marcus or one of our other more knowledgeable staff members to be on hand.  Late-night bar staff may not be completely familiar with all of our retail products.

If you have not been to the Mucky Duck Pub we hope that you will visit sometime soon to enjoy our wonderful fish and chips, a pint of beer or cup of tea… all while shopping for those favorite British groceries!  Cheers, Marcus.

The following lists are several years old – prices and availability may have changed.  For the latest – please call or send a message or e-mail.  Thanks for your understanding!

Link to standard product list PDF
Link to Christmas 2014/2015 product list PDF

growlers, signs and license plates

Take home a growler of beer with one of our Mucky Duck Growlers – 64 oz and 32 oz sizes available.

beer glasses, mugs, stickers and flags

We stock a range of tea mugs, stickers and flags.

tea, Ribena, orange squash, elderflower drink, mushy peas and broad beans

Retail items: Tea, Ribena, orange squash, elderflower, mushy peas and broad beans.

English chocolate

Large selection of tasty chocolate imported from England.

Essential British groceries

All the essentials – HP Sauce, Branston Pickle, Colman’s, Marmite and much more!

teas and biscuits

Other essentials: Digestive Biscuits, Jaffa Cakes, Dark Chocolate Gingers, Jammie Dodgers — plus Barry’s Teas.