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Sunday Roast (11:30am – 1:30pm)

We have started to do a traditional Sunday roast, every week from 11:30am until 1:30pm.  The meat will change from week to week but expect beef, lamb and pork on a regular rotation.  Please call the pub on Sunday morning for more details.

Typically the roast will be served will potatoes, two or three different vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and of course gravy!!  The price is $14 + TAX

The Sunday roast is an integral part of British culture.  All Sunday activities revolve around the creation, consumption and aftermath of the roast.  In most households, cooking will begin in the morning.  The amount of food produced is normally way in excess of what would be required for the size of the family unit.  This is normal.  In many households it is traditional for family members to go down the pub before lunch is served.  This behavior normally irks the person cooking but is nonetheless tradition.  In the old days, several phone calls to various local drinking establishments were necessary in order to get everybody back around the dinner table in a timely manner.  Nowadays it is more customary to just text a few four-letter expletives to those wayward family members.  After many hours of work, consumption of the roast is normally achieved fairly quickly.  There would be some conversation around the dinner table before people slowly drifted off to different parts of the house in order to take a nap.  After lunch, it is common for people to sit in the living room in front of an open fire watching movies.  We would watch old black and white war movies or Cary Grant movies or just about anything that was at least 30 years old.  Of course, a few z’s is standard practice.  At some point, the frighteningly large pile of washing up must be tackled; this normally causes a lot of tension and anxiety in the typical family unit.  After eating and drinking such large quantities, nobody is very excited about spending an hour doing dishes.  In my experience it is better to get it done and out of the way so that when one wakes up, one can focus on the more important task of going back to the pub.  Leftovers are numerous.  Potato and vegetable can be mashed together and served as Bubble and Squeak.  On returning to the pub, one may discover the landlord asleep on the bar in the same place he was when you left a few hours earlier.  This is the traditional Sunday roast in the UK.

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