Welcome to the Mucky Duck!

Food Truck

The Mobile Mallard is the Mucky Duck’s Food Truck!  Built in 2016 in response to numerous requests from our customers to put our food on the road.  To see a list of upcoming events at which the Mobile Mallard will be making an appearance, please visit the Mallard’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MobileMallard/

Let us cater your special event – whether it is a wedding, rehearsal dinner, graduation or just a party.  There are several options….

Option 1:  Have the Mobile Mallard at your event.  The Mallard is our new food truck – it’s big and green and has more equipment inside than many commercial kitchens.  We can cook virtually anything in the mallard and serve a large number of people.  Great for festivals, corporate events or large weddings.

The Mobile Mallard (Mucky Duck's Food Truck) at night on the Court Avenue Bridge in Des Moines.

Option 2:  If space is constrained then we have a smaller portable setup we can utilize.  We can come on-site and cook our delicious fish and chips to order – right where your event is being held.  People are amazed that they can get the same great fish and chips that we serve at the pub anywhere!  Want something other than pulled pork sandwiches at your next event, then contact us today for some options!  Perfect for graduation parties, small weddings etc.

Option 3:  For smaller events or when fish and chips is not required, we can prepare everything in our kitchen  and deliver it to you.

Please use the Contact page to send us a message and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.
The Mobile Mallard was built with the extensive help of our customer and friend, Robert Preston of Honey Dones, LLC.  If you would like to discuss having your own truck built then send us a message – that is something we can do!