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In our first year of operating the Dog Friendly Patio, to my knowledge nobody got bitten, there were no major dog-dog or dog-human altercations, and nobody came down with food poisoning related to the presence of dogs in a food-service area!  Yippee! Well, the State renewed our variance to allow dogs which is wonderful news.  Thanks State of Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals!!  Thanks also to our customers for following the rules and keeping their dogs under control!


Patio rules are listed below.  The important ones….  Please NEVER bring you dog into the building and please keep it under control at all times.  Thanks!

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Patio Dog Rules


  1. Separate entrance. Dogs MUST NOT enter through the normal building entrance.  Please see a staff member before entering the building and they will assist you with the locked patio gate entrance.  Dogs must never enter the building and must enter and exit the patio only through the patio gate entrance.
  2. Leash. Dogs must be on leash at all times and maintained under reasonable control.
  3. Clean up responsibilities. Dog owners / caretakers are STRONGLY encouraged to carefully monitor their dogs so that if they need to go potty they can be taken off the patio to the grass area North of the building.  However, if an accident does occur then owners / caretakers must clean it up right away.  Mucky Duck staff can provide a clean up kit that includes bags, disinfectant spray and disposable gloves.  A trash can is provided outside but please make sure all waste is properly bagged so that it doesn’t smell.
  4. Enforcement of rules responsibilities. Mucky Duck staff members will ask owners/caretakers (and their dogs) to leave if any of these rules are not followed, or if the presence of their dog(s) is disturbing other customers or staff.
  5. Dogs cannot be on chairs tables or benches.
  6. Single service items for dogs. Mucky Duck staff will provide a water dish if requested.  All service items given to dogs will be single-service, i.e. thrown away after use.  Please DO NOT feed or water dogs using our plates or silverware!
  7. Barking / fighting / biting. Socially unacceptable behaviors such as barking, fighting or biting will not be tolerated.  Dogs must sit or lay quietly by their owners at all times.  Owners/caretakers and dogs will be asked to leave immediately if this rule is broken—no second chances.
  8. Food prep. No food prep in outdoor area (including beverage service).
  9. No employee contact. Employees are not permitted to touch dogs.  If there is incidental employee-dog contact then the employee must thoroughly wash their hands and/or the contact area.
  10. Vaccinations. Dog(s) must be up-to-date with rabies vaccinations, proof may be requested.
  11. Eating and drinking. Dogs may not be fed ANYTHING while on the patio – this includes table scraps and regular dog food.  Pub staff will provide drinking water in disposable containers on request.
  12. Other customers. Dogs are permitted on the patio ONLY while there are no objections from other patio patrons.
  13. Escort. Dogs must be escorted to and from the patio by a Mucky Duck staff member.  Dogs must never enter the main building and must enter and exit the patio through the patio gate with the assistance of a Mucky Duck Pub staff member.
  14. Permissions. You must ask permission  BEFORE allowing your dog on the patio and then sign and date a printed copy of these rules.

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